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Get Involved in your community! 

Why get involved? ​


There are many reasons to get involved in your community. ​ First and foremost, it gives you a sense of responsibility and pride. Growing up my mom always said, "Who do you represent?" The answer was, "First, I represent my self. Second, I represent my family. Finally, I represent my school and community." Representing your community and being a part of something bigger than yourself gives you sense of pride and accomplishment. ​


Your opinion matters. The more opinions, thoughts, ideas and conversations that go into planning something within or for the community, the better the outcome will be. Your opinion does matter and should be heard! ​


Sociability is important. Personal interaction and socialization is dying among today's population because of technology. By joining a club or group, you are meeting your neighbors, making new friends, building connections and making your community stronger. ​


Being involved creates a sense of community and being together.

- Taylor Stone

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