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Welcome to Curtis!

The City of Curtis is located in Southwest Nebraska in Frontier County. Curtis is located in the Medicine Creek Valley on Nebraska Highway 23. Only 40 minutes from 5 different lakes, the hunting and fishing is the best in the region. Curtis, Nebraska is the home to Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) which is a branch of the University of Nebraska higher education system. 

The founding of Curtis was a direct result of the development of the Holdrege-Sterling route of the Nebraska and Colorado Railroad Company, known as the “High-Line”. It was leased to the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company in 1883, which purchased the route in 1908. The railroad was completed to Curtis on October 6, 1885 and the town of Curtis was established on August 17, 1886. Curtis was officially incorporated as a village on January 13, 1887 and grew to a City of the Second Class, 800 people or greater, on January 5, 1922. The community was designated as a freight division between Sterling, Colorado and Holdrege, Nebraska. A roundhouse and machine shop were established in Curtis and railroad crews were based in the Community. Curtis grew and prospered as a result of the commerce and service industry related to the transportation of goods, services and passengers along the railroad. 


Curtis tap water was nationally judged as the best tasting water at the 2014 Great American Water Taste Test as part of the National Rural Water Rally in Washington, D.C.

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